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Look to SciAps for the latest in speed, accuracy, and instrumentation. Laser and X-ray analysers designed, built, and supported by people dedicated to the scrap sorting industry.

SciAps has built its reputation on innovation. Too many established companies get stuck in the “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset. Not SciAps. When the company launched ten years ago—by some of the same people who originated handheld XRF—SciAps introduced a more powerful X-ray tube, better geometric design, and patented algorithms. The list goes on.

SciAps makes the lightest, toughest, fastest XRF ever.
The only X-ray gun that’s as good on aluminium as it is on high temps, stainless, red metals, specialty alloys and turnings. Use it every day and have total confidence in every load. 
X-550 is as nicely packaged as it is lightning fast.
  • Rugged body for ultimate durability and duty cycle.
  • Robust X-ray tube, and a high-speed steel shutter to protect the detector, so you can work with confidence.
Familiar Android platform with one-click apps and the latest 2.7′′ display for rear viewing of grade and chemistry
  • Great on high temp alloys and precious metals.
  • Contaminant phosphorus & sulphur, tramp elements
  • Fast on all alloys, including aluminium 
We’ve got that.
Powerful X-ray tube and detector geometry measures Mg and Si up to 10 times faster than any other X-ray gun, with better precision. Take full advantage of aluminium prices.
VLRs in steel? No Worries.
X-550 is optimized to measure very low levels of contaminant residual metals in steels, stainless, copper and nickel alloys.
The world waited 50 years to measure carbon with a handheld, and SciAps did it first. SciAps Z Series LIBS is great for measuring carbon in steels and stainless, or lithium in aluminium alloys.
And now? A dual-burn LIBS for scrap sorting.
Now we offer a cost-efficient dual-burn LIBS laser analyser that can sort materials quickly with air-burn; or, if you need more precision, like measuring low boron and some aluminium alloys for selling direct to mills, simply insert an argon canister, switch to the “Alloy Argon Purge” app, and keep testing.
We keep you connected and help you manage reports.
SciAps engineering innovations are matched by an intuitive operating system built on Android, with familiar navigation and apps. On-board cameras, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and USB provide complete connectivity, data management, and sharable results.
And we offer the lowest service costs in the business.
At SciAps, service is a customer loyalty program, not a profit centre. We start with durable instruments, and offer a Service & Calibration program for productivity and longevity.
When you need a repair, SciAps service costs are less than half of other X-ray guns, especially for tubes and detectors. We deliver fast turnaround times and open communications to ensure your business is not limited in any way