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Lithium Exploration SciAps LIBS for Rapid Analysis of Lithium in Pegmatites and Nevada Claystones Article by: SciAps Introduction The world is increasingly reliant on lithium largely due to the rise of electric vehicles. With that, the price of lithium is also rising and the search for new sources of lithium ore has never been more important. SciAps makes lithium detection with a handheld instrument possible. The high resolution of the spectrometers combined with low detection Read More
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Where's the GOLD? Identification of Gold and its mineralogical associations using Sciaps Z-903 handheld LIBS Article by: SciAps Introduction While handheld and portable X-ray fluorescence (pXRF) analyzers can be used effectively to measure many pathfinder and major elements in the field, the limitations of pXRF with regard to the analysis of gold are well documented. Using pXRF detection limits of 1-2 ppm may now be possible, but common interferences from many associated elements such as Read More
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XRF X-500 Series Limits of Detection for Geochemistry Article by: SciAps This table provides estimated detection limits for an interference-free silicon dioxide sample matrix based on three sigma, 99.7% confidence level and 120-second beam times. Limits of detection may be higher depending on the concentration of specific interfering elements and or overall soil matrix density. Some common interferences are presented on reverse. Lead, arsenic: Lead produces a strong interference for arsenic measurements, therefore the arsenic Read More
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New technology creates novel opportunities for handheld XRF Article by: SciAps A new generation of advances in engineering has changed how metal alloys industries do business, and has increased the utility of handheld XRF for other industries as well Today’s updated instrument platform permits all XRF operators to easily collect and interpret more diverse and better quality data, and to make critical decisions faster. A long-time weakness of handheld XRF had been analyzing many aluminum Read More
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Computed Radiography success story!!

Computerized Radiography Inspection of Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) on samples supplied by the client. What is flow accelerated corrosion?Flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) is a corrosion mechanism in which the normal protective layer on a metal surface dissolves in  fast-flowing water. FAC causes wall thinning (metal ...
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What is CPR? Take A journey into MASSIVE COST SAVINGS with Increased Radiation Safety!What is Close Proximity Radiography (CPR)? CPR is “The conducting of radiography in close proximity to authorized radiation workers, members of the public or radiation sensitive monitoring devices in such a way ...
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GamCPR NNDT – End-user Webinar 22-07-2021 NNDT hosted this free webinar on the benefits of using the GAMCPR Close Proximity Radiography System. To find out more about GamCPR Click here: for more information contact us today! +27 16 423 7731 ...
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ZENITH WEBINAR WANT TO KNOW MORE? REGISTER TODAY FOR OUR UPCOMING WEBINAR! Description: Gammatec & Interactive Arial will be hosting a webinar on the Zenith system – The inspection camera system designed to conquer vertical assets and confined spaces DATE: February 19th 2021 14:00 CAT ...
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